About Our Face Coverings

Our comfortable, environmentally friendly face coverings are the perfect accessory. Made up of a lightweight 86% cotton, 7% nylon + 7% lycra tubular fabric blend, the coverings have no seams or stitching ensuring that your breathing is not restricted in any form. In addition, the elasticity built into the face covering, allows them to effortlessly fit any type of person as they stretch and move naturally with you. Our face coverings are made for anyone and everyone.

The face coverings are extremely versatile and can bend and shape to different configurations as you best see fit your personal style. There are no limits to the uses of this reusable accessory, nonetheless some of our own suggestions include a face covering, neck warmer, bandana or headband. The face coverings come in two sizes: mini and maxi. Both are suitable for adults depending on how much face and neck coverage you fancy.

Available in a range of different colours to match any outfit in your wardrobe, our face coverings allow you to add a pinch of unique flair to your day to day outfit.

Our masks are suitable to those that prefer a low level of protection, however, are also very suitable to wear over other masks for those who prefer a higher level of protection but want to add a bit of life to their look.

Our Breathable Face Coverings are designed and manufactured in Melbourne ensuring we can guarantee the highest of quality and oversee the entire production process. In addition, our coverings are eco-friendly, reusable and make our planet happy. We use redundant thread to produce our coverings, meaning that we buy leftover thread from other manufacturers who can no longer find a use for it and knit it into tubes to make the beautiful face coverings we sell. So, if you really like a particular colour that is available now be quick as it may not be available the next time you visit our site.

**Please note: our face coverings are not masks and do not provide medical grade protection.